My Lead Gen Secret Review – Lead Generation Scam or Legit?


Welcome to My Lead Gen Secret Review!


Recently, the lead generation company has been getting a whole lot of buzz. They claim to provide users with 100 leads per day for $1. The question is: is this true? Luckily for you, I’ve run a test myself, and I’ll be revealing my lead generation secret.

Fasten your seat belt and let me take you on this ride:

My Lead Gen Secret Review

I got to know about the My Lead generation secrete from a friend on March 5th. At first, I was intrigued at how cheap it was. Secondly, I wondered if there was any good since it was this cheap. Do they get opens, clicks, and sales?

However, being cheap doesn’t determine if it was real or not, so I thought to spend $60 to test this lead source was actually worth the risk.

MyLeadGenSecret – Jim Harmon

With the help of Jim Harmon, the owner of MyLeadGenSecret, I got to know about the platform and signed up.

In the course of this review, I’ll be providing you with some pros, cons and even go through the entire platform and give you my result. After this, you can make the decision yourself.

Cost of My Lead Gen Secret

In the first instance, when you start MyLeadGenSecret, you have to pay for the first month upfront plus a setup fee of $30, which will cost a total of $60. It will cost you the same if you’re paying for 100 leads per day. You can use the platform as long as you like.

My Lead Gen Secret – First Impression?

With a whole lot of positive reviews and people promoting MyLeadGenSecret as the best lead provider on the planet, even you can’t hold yourself back.

Some amazing things about the platforms are

  • Their leads are very inexpensive
  • You can as well do all your mailing from their platform

There is no need to download lead to Aweber or Getresponse etc. this way; you save a lot of costs.

You can mail directly from your MyLeadGenSecret account, and it’s very simple (more on this later).

MyLeadGenSecret – Leads

The leads generated by this platform are mainly from the USA with a few Canadian, Brit, and Other mixed in.

For example, I looked at the most recent batch of 200 leads.

They were as followed:

  • 191 USA
  • 5 Canadian
  • 3 Australian
  • 1 Britain

This means the leads are from countries with a high number of people with money and credit cards. How amazing it is to get these leads for .005 cents.

Additionally, these are fresh leads daily. You can as well contact these leads with some tools, and convert them to buyers yourself—all these features without breaking the bank.

MLGS – Going From 100 to 200 Leads Daily

Initially, all I did was to test the website and what they off, then after I successfully converted three offers, I signed up my first person who paid and made my leads jump from 100 to 200 daily. Meaning that also works.

When you do that, the company will give you 200 leads per day for $1 as long as you have one person paying for the service.

My Lead Gen Secret Statistics

Either you’re a brand new online marketers or a pro, you know the power in clicks and traffics, amazingly, after mailing using the MyLeadGenSecret for ten days, I could boost of 1241 clicks to open percentage.

Spending $30 a month for these open and click rates, I mean seriously.

MyLeadGenSecret – Make Money Easy

Imagine getting above 3000 fresh business opportunity seeker leads and a browser-based interface to email the leads for $30 bucks a month. These leads are generated by ten different co-registration advertising partners and distributed at the rate of 100 lead per day.

These are all permission-based leads which are available for immediate download and reuse.

Each lead includes the date, name, email, IP, city, state, zip, country, and lead generation, partner.

Remember, you only need THREE THINGS to make money online.


  • Find a HOT SELLING product to promote (really easy)
  • Find PEOPLE looking to buy that product (easy to hard)
  • Let THOSE PEOPLE know about your product (easy to hard)

There are two things that the MLGS helps in achieving

All you have to do is to find a product or service that is HOT SELLING that you wish to sell; My Lead Gen Secret gives you the leads (people who show interest in making money from home or how to start a business). With the MLGS, you can contact these people and show your product or services to them.

Make Money With MLGS – Method #1

Okay, now you are getting at least 100 leads a day. The question is: how do you turn this into MONEY?

There are a few ways to go about this.

Over time as you get more and more leads, you can test more and more offers.

You can promote MLGS itself.

  • When you log into My Lead Gen Secret, click on the affiliates tab at the top.
  • You just copy and paste the subject line and body and start emailing your leads.
  • You can add pictures, screenshots, or customize them to your liking.

When doing this, there is nothing like a wrong or right way to go about it. It is all about taking action and seeing the one that works best for you.

Marketing is all about testing things out to see what converts.

When you find that ONE THING that people start buying scale it to the moon.

Make Money with MLGS – Method #2

With MLGS, you can make money using Clickbank, which is amazing. All you have to do is to log in to your Clickbank account; all you have to do is to click on the marketplace and then on the search icon.

Then Sort The Results By Popularity

It simple to make money since every product is available to sell using ClickBank affiliate is sorted from the TOP SELLER down to the worse seller.

To find the best seller to promote with MLGS, just scroll down until you find a money-making product to promote to your MLGS business opportunity seeker leads.

It’s nice to select or choose Clickbank mainly because they are at the top of their seller’s list.

Once you select a product to sell, all you need to do is click the PROMOTE BUTTON and follow the instructions.

You will be adding a tracking ID and create a hoplink.

COPY the link they give you and keep it handy.

You will be using these affiliate links when promoting to your My Lead Gen Secret leads.

It’s how you get PAID.

Make Money with MLGS – Method #3

It’s easier than other methods. If you have a business opportunity you’re currently promoting, you can also test it with these leads.

My Lead Gen Secret – Email Marketing

Immediately you sign up on MLGS; the first thing to do is to watch the QUICK START VIDEO then move to the affiliate program.

When that’s complete, it’s time to create a message.

My Lead Gen Secret Verdict?

Just a couple of months using the MLGS, I can’t say it is certain that you’ll make a million dollars or not, or it is going to take your business to the next level. But certainly, using my experience, when you sign up for MLGS, you’re on your way to profit

The Reality Is This

Whether you plan on joining My Lead Gen Secret or not, it’s completely up to you. However, the reality of building an online business is steady traffic. Without steady traffic to your product or service, you’ll probably fail. If you want to build a long term profitable business, you have to generate LEADS and build a LIST.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people struggle because they want to do it their way, which in most cases rarely works.

As much as you can get lucky at times, and sign up a big client into your business; however, the chances of that happening is like winning a lottery


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