My failures led me to the living life I want. I want you to learn from my mistakes.

My name is Alan Kenny and I’m a parent to a beautiful little girl aged 5. If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like. Your kids are your world and you want the best for them. You want them to have so much more than you did. 

I’ve always worked hard, but was never the provider I wanted to be. In the past, though I always covered the basics, I never found the opportunity that would take my family from a basic life to a great life (with a bright future on the horizon.) 

A few years ago, I was grafting all hours but getting nowhere. The money flew out as soon as it came in. I was treading water. 

Desperate for change, I started researching ways to make extra cash. It was then that I discovered online affiliate marketing. I’d receive money for helping businesses promote their products and services – it sounded so simple. ‘This could be it’ I thought. So I threw myself into the opportunity. 

There were times when I wanted to give up. But I’d look at my little girl and push harder. I spent hundreds if not thousands on training and courses, trying to get ahead. I invested everything and came away with nothing. I was on the edge. I was stressed, skint and so tired of trying. 

A turning point… 

Everything changed when I stumbled across an opportunity that, at first, seemed too good to be true. Instead of funding my own training, I could earn while I learned. I’d be taking cash home from the word go instead of pouring my daughter’s future into pipe dreams. 

Immediately, my bank balance began to rise from negative to positive. Soon i

was making enough money to quit my day job and start working from home. 

I became my own boss, choosing my hours to fit around being there for my daughter. 

I was a dad that was there, in body and mind. And I was finally the provider I’d always wanted to be. 

Now I can give her the things she wants as well as the things she needs. Now I can provide not just for today, but for tomorrow. When I’m with my daughter, my mind’s on her, not on my money worries. 

We’re making tons of great memories and we’re financially secure. 

Life is good. 

Paying it forward… 

My aim now is to help people like me achieve what I’ve achieved. I’ve failed a lot – but getting it wrong has led to getting it right, once and for all. 

I want to share my success with you. To give you the opportunity you’re looking for without having to make my mistakes. 

Would you like to spend more time with your family? Do you want to work from home and set your own hours? And with some hard graft, do you want the chance to write your own paycheck?