23 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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With the advent of digital platforms, a lot of businesses no longer run a physical store. Most businesses are being run and managed online which makes the need for driving traffic to your site vital. Increased traffic gives a high chance of lead conversion and helps you make money online via profit from increased sales.

Driving traffic to your website can either be via free (Organic) or paid (inorganic) method. Free methods include SEO, blog setup, Social media marketing amongst others. While paid advert may include SEM, PPC, etc.

To get the best out of your paid means of driving traffic, one must understand the conversion rate and how to track clicks. The ability to use Google analytics is also an advantage. There are brands online that earn cash online by offering this analytic service.

Without further delay, we bring to you the proven ways to drive traffic. It’s noteworthy to state that depending on your level of skills and time, you might want to hire the services of brands that earn extra money online by helping businesses effect these methods. The organic methods include:

#1 — Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most popular and effective means of driving traffic these days are SEO campaigns. You’d be far behind your competitors if you don’t understand the concept of SEO and employ it in your marketing campaign. Find a good course or audiobook about SEO and learn how to optimize its application in your business. You can also hire those who earn from home by helping businesses with their SEO campaign.

#2 – Content writing

Having an engaging, relevance and insatiable content with the right keywords on your website helps you increase engagement and make visitors return to your website more often. Content creation is a way to make money fast online for those offering the service.

#3 — Answer Questions on Quora

Quora can be a great medium to drive traffic to your site. Give detailed answers to questions on this platform and attach the right keywords to anchor content on your site. Also, avoid spamming the platform.

#4 – YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to generate organic traffic; it’s the second world’s most popular search engine. Gaining exposure on this platform is huge – by creating relevant tutorials/videos with immense value and linking your website through the description, you can drive traffic to your page.

#5 – Instagram

A lot of businesses and brands get money online via optimal use of Instagram. They leverage on this photo-sharing platform to drive traffic and build multi-million dollar business. Instagram is one of the popular platforms from which brands make money now.

#6 — LinkedIn Optimization

You can optimize the use of LinkedIn by leveraging LinkedIn’s publishing platform. It is great for marketing existing content on your webpage. Create high-quality and relevant content and link it to your blog or website to gain the vital authority bridge to your primary post.

#7 — Post On Medium.com

Medium is a go-to platform for content marketing, you can optimize the use of this platform by posting catchy contents that link back to the primary posts on your site.

#8 — Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you promote your offers and also drive traffic to your website. You can market via newsletter to those on your mailing list. Ensure that the link to your site is attached to your newsletter.

#9 — Update Web Contents

Having updated content with relevant up-to-date information on your website increases search engine visibility – as such drives more traffic. Except a content is evergreen, ensure you keep updating it with the latest information.

#10 — Free Online Course

You can create a value-rich free online course using platforms like UdemyTeachable to drive traffic to your website. Ensure you urge students and link them to the additional contents and offers on your site.

#11 — Quality Infographics

Creating a well-detailed and high-quality infographics are one form of clickbait. An infographic that everyone can relate to can be an automated marketing machine for your site, ensure you hire a great designer with a reputation of online earning through numerous efficient service delivery.

#12 — Industry-Specific Surveys

Make certain that you industry-specific surveys through the contents on your site. It’s a great way of generating traffic; ensure that it’s specific to your niche and relevant to the content on your site/blog and then share the survey with the world.

#13 — Focus On Mobile Usability 

You should make certain that your site has a responsive design and it is users friendly. This increases usability and brings about a positive user experience. Use Google’s Page Insights Tool to analyze your site usability and ascertain if the mobile layout conforms to guidelines. You should also make sure that all your posts and content are AMP-specification ready.

#14 — Implement CDNs and Browser-Caching Tools

Your site speed and page content are important to retain traffic, Google and other search engines are particular about these factors. Content-Delivery Networks (CDNs) are great ways of speeding up page delivery, you can use Amazon’s AWSMaxCDN or any number of other tools out there to leverage CDNs along with browser-caching tools like W3 Total Cache, & WP Super Cache.

#15 — Create Free Webinars

Free webinars help a great deal in generating web traffic. Webinar platforms like DemioGoToWebinar, etc allows you to automate your sales presentation. Optimize the time by delivering value and also directing viewers to your site and its content along with any offers.

#16 — Post Useful Content on Reddit

Reddit is a popular platform to share useful information and engage audiences far and wide. You can increase your site traffic by leveraging on this platform; make any link from this platform beneficial for boosting your visibility across the web and search engines.

#17 — SlideShare Presentations

Create a Google-friendly PowerPoints to increase visibility via platforms like Slideshare. You can employ the service of those looking to get money online by offering this service. They create impeccable power points that have the potential to go viral, with your site linked to it; it can help you drive large traffic to your sites for free.

Paid Traffic Methods

Paying for ads and other marketing initiatives is another effective means of driving traffic to your blog or site. With a small budget and effective tracking and analysis of your strategies, you can come up with your cost-per-acquisition (CPA). A high CPA can help you scale your advertising revenues comfortably, be sure to implement things like Facebook and Google tracking pixels to determine the effectiveness of your ads.

#18 — Promote Your Content Via other sites

Some sites earn money on the internet by promoting your content across thousands of other similar websites across the internet for a fee. Some of these sites include Outbrain and Taboola, they’re great for promoting your website or blog, provided you have some sales funnel setup and an ability to track leads from these platforms. However, be sure to do your due diligence and test things out before diving in headfirst.

#19 — Facebook Ads

Facebook is a platform that opportune you to reach out to millions of people. If your offer is enticing enough, you can generate traffic by placing ads on this platform. Ensure that you track your clicks efficiently and optimize your page to convert this traffic into sales on your site.

#20 — Leverage Google Re-Targeting Ads

Google re-targeting ads are a great way of generating more traffic to your sites. It focuses on people who’ve visited your site and left for whatever reason without completing a sale. It involves the usage of a conversion pixel for purchases and it’s a great way to reach people who’ve once visited your site and strongly market to them on Google’s search engine shortly after they’ve left.

#21 — Instagram Ads

The Instagram platform also offers paid ads. They now have a clear revenue strategy which includes ads placement on the platform. It’s a massive way to get your brand to people in your locality, it also offers you a highly-targeted tactic to reach potential customers to buy your products and services. You can learn more about Instagram advertisements here.

#22 — Value exchange

Another inorganic way of driving traffic is partnering with top companies; however, you’ll need to give something of value in return to these companies. If you’ve got something to offer, then locate possible local or regional companies that you can partner with on an initiative.

#23 — Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a paid means of driving traffic by hiring influencers and leveraging on their large audience. You can get your message to millions of people without having up to that audience by leveraging on the influencers’ influence on different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, amongst other social networks. Find people who have in-depth knowledge and influence in your niche or industry and reach out to them. This comes with a high price; however, it would worth every dime spent in the long run – it could potentially bring you troops of customers and sales.

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